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Thread and username just vanished?

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    I was replying to a thread and when I went to submit I got the message that the thread was invalid. I could use my "Back" navigation arrow in the browser to confirm it "was" there... A search did not find the thread nor the username that posted the thread.

    Did I see a ghost?

    Was in the Physics Forums > Mathematics > Set Theory, Logic, Probability, Statistics... was the most recently subitted thread there.

    Was about a probability puzzle involving a three way duel with the participants having different probabilites of being on target... user was "superduper" I think...
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    The post appeared like it could be for schoolwork, and the poster showed no effort at working out the answer. Such posts are routinely deleted here at the PF, since posting schoolwork outside of the Homework Help forums is against the rules, especially when no effort is shown at solving the problem.

    Hopefully the user will re-post the question in the HH/Pre-Calculus Math forum, and you will be able to reply to it there. :smile:

    BTW, if you see a post outside of the HH forums that looks like it could be schoolwork, please click the Report button on the post so that the Mentors can check it out. If they've shown a lot of work on the question, it will probably just get moved to the HH forums. If they show zero effort in trying to solve the problem, it will most likely get deleted and the OP told to repost in HH with effort shown.

    This thread here explains why we handle such posts this way:


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