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Thread for Scholarships

  1. Nov 4, 2007 #1
    Is there a thread/forum for science Scholarship advertisements?
    My supervisor has asked me to advertise PhD positions in Quantum Information science on the net.
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    If there isn't there definitely should be! A thread like this would be very useful, along with a thread pointing out the top schools in certain fields etc. This information should be easily available to students and this forum would be a great place to organize it. I'll bring it up in the Forum Feedback section of the site.
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    I know there are many, MANY, scholarship sites out there, but I think some of them can be a real hassle. I'm not sure if the forums is really the place for advertising...I just don't know.

    At the very least there must be a thread with all the best sites to search for scholarships in it. eg. iop's tiptopjobs see: http://tiptop.iop.org/
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    I know exactly what you mean! I got so frustrated with hard-to-find scholarships and internships or website listing that were badly out-of-date that I started keeping a document for myself from year to year. That grew into a list that I sent around to my university department last year. Now, I compiled the list on my website and I have what I think is the most comprehensive listing of opportunities for physics students on the internet (in English, at least). But I know I'm probably missing many; some are just so hard to find!

    Edited to add: I think creating a thread for this topic is a good idea.
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    Ah, yes you are talking of established bursaries. It would definitely be beneficial for prospective students to have access to an as-near-as-possible-to-complete list of scholarships.

    I wasn't even thinking of those, I was just thinking of the coming and going "this place has 2 scholarships available, closing date whenever" once off things, like you find on tiptop or physicsweb.
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    Why don't you start one? If it ends up useful enough, we can make it into a sticky thread.
  8. Nov 5, 2007 #7
    I think Laura1013 should start one with her compiled list of scholarships. Then people can add to that thread any scholarships that are not included in the list.

    I'm not sure how a thread for specific once-off scholarships would work. Probably not that well, since the people who would like to advertise them might not think of doing it here, and rather stick to established channels.
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