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Bug Thread reply adds email to watch, despite preference against

  1. Mar 24, 2017 #1
    I've set my preferences so as not to have email notification when I watch a thread or reply to a thread. Yet despite this, every time I reply to a thread for the first time, the system always adds email notification to my watching. To get rid of the email notification, I go to the "Unwatch thread" link at the top of the thread, click to unwatch, then re-click to "Watch thread" with email notification not checked. Once I have done this for a thread, any further replies by me to that thread do not add email notification anymore. So it's only the initial reply that does this. Is something broken somewhere?

    Here's what the preferences look like for my profile:

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    Check the subsequent "receive email notifications".
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    But he doesn't want those mails.

    I cannot reproduce your problem. I have the same settings and I never get emails.

    Did you check the checkbox, save, uncheck it, and save again?
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    Right, my mistake
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    Your settings look fine in the database. Just make sure all currently watched threads are set to no email.
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    I'll give this a try, thanks.
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    Update - that seems to have fixed it. So it must have been some funky problem with prefs not having been properly saved.
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