Threat of an EMP?

  1. So I watched a video recently on YouTube about how one well placed EMP above the United States would wipe out all electronics and military equipment, but doesn't the government have precautions against this such as the Fariday Cage? Also, since the desktop computer is incased in metal, wouldn't it act as a Fariday Cage by itself and protect the computer from the emp?
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  3. Well, if you have everything enclosed in a Faraday cage and run on batteries inside the cage, you are OK.

    But now let's look at the real world. What do you reckon will happen when a power cord going from the local step-down transformer sends not the standard 120 volts into the equipment inside the cage but rather sends a couple of thousand volts?

    How about when that step-down transformer that normally has a few thousand volts as input is subjected to a few tens of thousands of volts?
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