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Three Forces of 30N , 45N and 50N act on an Object

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    3d Vectors Very Hard!!

    Three Forces of 30N , 45N and 50N act on an Object. The first act at an angle of 120 to each other the third is perpendiuclar to the plane of the first two. Find the Magnitude of the resultant, and the angle which the resultant makes with the plane containing the first two forces.

    Any hints or help to help me start this question thanks!
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    Hmm... my friend got 96.8N, 51.7 degrees off of the plane of the 1st 2 vectors
    is he correct, and how did he derive this answer?
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    anyone with anything i dont know where to solve the resultant... its a 3D with the 50N going upwards and 30 and 45N both Affecting at an 120 degree angle! Its Reall hard!
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