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Three in a Hotel Room

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    So, three men pay for one hotel room which costs $30 each paying $10. Hours later the clerk realized he made a mistake and found out that the hotel room only costed $25, so he sent a bellboy up to the room with $5 to give to the three men. The bellboy realizes that you can't divide $5 evenly among three people, so he takes $2 for himself, tells them it was a tip, and gives each of the men $1.

    Later on, the men were balancing their budget and recording what they spent for that day. Their notes read that each man paid $10 at the beginning for a thirty dollar hotel room, but got a dollar back, so basically, it would be as if they each paid $9. Nine times three is twenty-seven and the bellboy has $2 for the tip. collectively, that would make $29.

    Where did the other dollar go?
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    They paid $30. The bell boy kept 2. That leaves $28. He gives the men $3, that leaves $25, which is the cost of the room.

    The mistake in this "problem" is that it subtracts 3 but adds the 2, both the 3 and the 2 must be subtracted.
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    HOTEL -5, BELLBOY +5

    Hotel: +25, Businessmen +3, Bellboy +2

    No missing dollar.
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    That's right.

    The tricky part is when you add in the false equation with the $9.
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    Just like the Chancellor's Budget, every year, in fact.
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