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Three little questions

  1. Jun 4, 2004 #1
    (1) If I set an experiment, in a room with a metallic floor, and a metaillic ceiling. the two plates have 20,000V of dc voltage impressed across the plates. I walk in, wet footed, with the bubble master's favorite limon joy and water concentrate. I am in no danger as I am well below the breakdown field strength of air, and leave the aluminum step ladder outside.

    I blow a bubble, with my metallic bubble blower, several, maybe 100. How many accellerate upward, some, many, none?

    (2) Of the nobile gasses, which has the greatest propensity to ionize.

    (3) what is the Q of an R-C parallel circuit. (I knoe the answer(s?) do you?)

    and (4), the bonus question, if an ionized gas, dissolves into water, what becomes of the charge?, did it heat the water??
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    special effects, dancing bubbles, holographic disapearing talking heads. dig into your pockets and pay for someones elses imagination, (you definately need it!) I guess this is a sophamore hang-out, I'm outta here, and taken my patent's with me! Good luck turning the same crank for the next 50 years, That is, if your job is not replaced with, a machine, or monkey, no matter, they cost about the same.

    hasta la vista (baby engineers)
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