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Three magnetism problems

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    Finished! Thanks to all that helped out.
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    first one [tex] q_{1} + q_{2} = 9 * 10^{-6}C [/tex]
    thus [tex] q_{1} = -q_{2} + 9 * 10^{-6}C [/tex]
    [tex] F = k \frac{q_{1} q_{2}}{r^2} [/tex]
    in th thirdequation substitute a relation from the second equation to find just one charge. Once you have that charge sub back into 2 and solve for hte other charge.

    Second one is correct F = ma = qE = eE thus a = eE/m nothing complicated about it

    Third one (since you dont know E explicitly treat it like an unknown)
    fir the electron
    a = eE / m , v1 = 0, t = ?, d = 0.04m you know a kinematic equation to solve for this Find the expression for the time. You dont need a speicific numberic answer variables are inevitable here
    now for the proton v1=0, a = eE/m, t = what you found, d = ?
    once again you know the relation beween these variables. Sub in the t that you got and solve.
    For simplicity do not evaluate the eE term in teh first case just keep it like it is, it cancels out in teh second part
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    Andrew Mason

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    When you work out the expression for the charge, as Stunner has shown, you get a quadratic equation. So it is a little trickier than he suggests.

    For 3) use [itex]d = \frac{1}{2}at^2[/itex] so [itex]t = \sqrt{2d/a} = \sqrt{2dm/f}[/itex] where f = qE

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    Many thanks. I'm glad that I seemed to be on the right track with the two I was having trouble with, there were just little things I didn't keep track of that I missed. I even had the q1=9-q2 thing, I just forgot to implement it.
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