Three new vertebrates found

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    I can't make head or tail of the gecko!
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    My bet is head is on the left. Hind legs are typically stronger, and those on the right look thicker.

    Other than that it looks just like two animals linked in the middle.
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  6. survival strategy

    Gecko has developed a beatiful estrategy of confussing depredators in their attack, they surely attack the most prominent extreme, that seems the head, but is the tail.
    Beatiful creature, even the elbows and knees are apparently the opposite.
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    All geckos have elbows and knees oriented opposite, as far as I know.


    oversimplified speculation: I think the idea is that you use pushing for power and pulling for precision, so the front are set up to emphasize pulling and the rear are setup to emphasize pushing.
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