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Three phaes Alternator

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    Hi:rolleyes: ,
    I wanna know something about Alternator. first what is the different between Star Connection Alternator and Delta Connection Alternator, and why if we wanna find the Line Voltage from Star we use this formula Line Voltage = 1.73 * phase Voltage, exactly why 1.73, where did they give it? and also when we wanna find Line Currnet from Delta Altrenate we use this formula Line Currnet= 1.73 * Phase Currnt, exactly why also 1.73?

    Thanks for help

    I appreciate it :cool:
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    "exactly why 1.73"

    It's the square root of 3.
    http://www.madsci.org/posts/archives/jan2001/979920827.Eg.r.html" [Broken]
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