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Three phase power supplies

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    Hi guys, I have few questions here regarding power supplies.
    I have two models of power supplies and from the data sheet of the power supplies.
    and I would like to enquiry on one of the model.
    If i have to feed the load(Panel switchgear) fully 30/60V DC, 120Amp continuously for several hours.

    The first model input has two selectable switching range,

    range 1 (180-235Vac), 200, 208Vac (three phase)
    range 2 (360-440Vac) 400, 416Vac (three phase)

    second model has input rating of,

    208Vac (three phase)

    then the first model output rating is,

    0-30V, 220A

    and second model output rating is

    80Vdc, 170A Max,

    current during max voltage is 62.5A white
    voltage during max current is 29.4V


    Can these power supplies fit the load fully (panel switch gear) of 30/60 V , 120 A for several hours, and could it be able to fit with standard 3 phase 415V supply from Main switch board without the need of any voltage transformer.

    I am confused and sorry if the questions are silly.
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    Welcome tp PF.
    Is the 30/60V = 30V to 60V, the range of acceptable voltage to the panel ?
    The first supply 30V output is right on the lower side of the required voltage range. It may be unreliable.
    The second supply output is 80V. That is higher than specified for the “(panel switch gear) of 30/60 V”.
    You might do better looking for a supply with an output rated at the standard 48V.
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    Why are you even considering this second model, when your requirement is for 415V operation?
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