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Three questions

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    Is an Act (with writing) score of 25 good enough to get into a state university, specifically Minnesota? What do colleges usually base their admission standards on i.e. mostly act or mostly gpa etc.?

    I've been told by multiple people that the UoM has a 'decent' physics program. Can anyone shed light on this?
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    I can't say anything regarding the quality of an undergraduate education at UM, but I can say that the graduate program is highly regarded, possibly among the top ten state schools in some subfields (when people online talk about "decent" physics programs, they really mean outstanding programs that happen to not be Princeton/Harvard/MIT).

    An ACT of 25 isn't too impressive - "good enough" is a tricky thing. It might be good enough if your application is strong elsewhere; if not, I'd suggest taking the test again.
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