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Through the miracle of marketing

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    I'm rather amused to find that the product behind "HeadOn! Apply directly to the forehead!" is actually homeopathic candle wax. For those who've never seen it, this product is a purported headache medicine, the advertisements for which are intentionally aggravating. A phrase is repeated a dozen times (like minimalist music), so as to provoke the targets and ingrain the product's image in their minds. Apparently, the target audience is the scientifically illiterate.

    The "active" ingredient is potassium dichromate present only in ppm (part per million) quantities, which is very fortunate since chromium (VI) compounds are carcinogenic as well as exceedingly toxic (msds). There's also about a ppt (part per trillion) of some flower extract, as well as menthol (makes your skin cold.) The rest is inactive ingredients (mostly wax).

    The best part? Miralus' scam raked in half a billion in revenue. :eek:

    As noticed at

    confirmed by official product information at
    http://www.walgreens.com/store/product.jsp?id=prod1806169 [Broken].
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    The real question is, how soon will the established pharamceuticals drop their expensive R&D programs and go full-time in marketing. That's where the money is.
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    :tongue2: I thought this was for acne... but now it seems like it would cause acne. :tongue2:
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    The pharmaceutical companies are already spending 25% of their revenues on marketing. 18% goes for R&D. Intense marketing definitely works for just about anything.


    As for the "Head On" commercial it is considered to be an inovation in modern? advertising.

    viagra anyone?
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