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Through The Wormhole: FTL

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    I was watching this show and it was talking about the usual stuff such as wormholes and warping spacetime but the one thing that caught my attention was towards the end. I cant remember the guy`s name but he was talking about observing spectral lines and how when he had looked in one direction of the universe, EM force got weaker with distance. When he looked in another direction, EM force got stronger with distance.

    What would be the implications of this on current theories/understanding? Would there be a simpler explanation to what hes observed?
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    I've never ever heard of that before. Was he talking about the cosmic microwave background? (CMB) According to my knowledge, everything in every direction gets more redshifted (meaning less energy) the further it is from us with no dependance on direction.
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    He was talking about his belief that the currently understood speed of light (i.e. "speed limit of the universe") is possibly incorrect. Didn't sound like a fruitcase exactly but the whole show was wildly speculative (and this time, unlike some others I've seen there, it actually fessed up to some of the stuff, like warp drives, being "difficult" and not likely to happen soon).
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