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Thunder flies

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    MIH had ants i have these things, they smothered one wall inside the house, why just one wall? they are a right pain as i have to keep all the windows shut when it is over 80f.
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    Get a flame thrower. :approve:
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    It is easy to kill these things, it is just the speed they appear and the amount of dead they leave behind.
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    I suggest using an icepick. It creates no air current for them to react to, and you can simply slip the bodies off of the icepick and into the garbage can when you're done.
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    It makes me wonder how much mass dead insects would make a year if they did not decay away.
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    6,713,147,410 people

    if 1 person kills 1 cm^3 of insects per year

    I would say 6,713,147,410 cm^3 is least.

    not much ...
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