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Ti 83->89

  1. Feb 5, 2005 #1
    Ti 83-->89

    I know the Ti89 has the csolve and solve feautures... so I was wondering if there was a way of getting the ti83 to do this same type of thing?

    If a program has to be created.. what would it look like?


    What other essential things could be "borrowed" from the ti89 .. by creating a program.. for the ti83?
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    Just buy the Ti-89. Ti-83 is a joke compared to 89
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    Csolve seems to me to be the same thing that the TI-86 does on equations. As for the 83, you can download "APPS," from TI which gives you a polynominal solver.
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    I did buy the ti89 but I for some tests I will be taking.. I wont be able to use it.
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    Doesn't TI89 have a CAS system which can simpify your algebra expressions. Even derivate it can, I think.
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    It can integrate, derivate, simplify, etc....

    HOWEVER it sometimes gets answers that are 'out there'. IE: It gives you either (A) the wrong answer, or (B) a very long answer instead of a simplification (if you try to solve most inversge trig functions you get large equations)

    That kind of Math is incredibly complexe, I find it amazing that they managed to get a computer system to do it.

    I've tried to just write a simple solving function for polynomials and the hundreds of possibilities are.... :surprised
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