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Ti-83 Plus

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    does anyone know how to solve definite integrals using a Ti-83 plus? my teacher said it's okay to use it to check your answer during a test, so if you know how, please let me know.

    also, is it possible to do indefinite integrals using ti-83 plus calculator?
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    It's possible to do definite integrals, but not indefinite.

    First you must graph the function you want to take the integral of. Then, while you're in the graphing screen, go to the math menu. In there is the integral command, and it'll ask you for the lower bound and upper bound for the integral. Note that both of these must be within the graphing window.

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    I have a Ti83plus, it doesn't do indefinite integral.....
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    Since you make me actually find my 83 from the giant stack of crap on my desk...

    Go to the Y= menu, set a function into Y1. Then, press 2nd / TRACE (CALC) / 7: [itex]\int [/itex]f(x)dx. It will take you to the graphing screen and ask you for the boundaries. Put them in, and it spits out the answer at the bottom of the screen.

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    perfect! thanks
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    There's an easier way, without having to graph it. At the home screen go to MATH > 9:fnInt. Then type out the function *comma* variable to integrate wrt *comma* lower limit *comma* upper limit *end parentheses* *ENTER*.
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