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Ti-83 to TI-84 transfer

  1. Sep 7, 2006 #1
    It's not really a problem. It's not really a Lounge Problem and I'm assuming the Engineering students etc have encountered this and have a quick simple answer so...here it is:

    I have a Ti-83. It's the old, crappy one, but in it I have a very important program. Well 3 very important programs that I'd like to take with me to College.

    I received a free TI-84 Silver as a gift from the math department in my highschool. It's 84Plus so its by far faster etc. My brother begins hs and will need one. I'd love to take the TI-84 with me but...I need the programs.

    So the question is...Can you transfer programs from a TI-83 into a TI-84? if so, how can you do that?
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    Blimey - calculators look like mobile phones these days! :surprised Haven't used on since I was in high school...

    Anyway, back to your problem - I see you can connect them via usb to your computer - can't you put the files from one to your computer and then back to the other one?

    I remember when graphic calculators first came out... :smile:
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    0_o I didn't think of that. I wonder what else I can put in my TI-84. Maybe a Mario...they already have Tetris.

    But thank you, I'll try your idea.
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