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Ti 83

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    Hello page, does anyone here know how to download math programs for ti 83 or the 83 plus? Like how and where to plug it in?
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    You probably asked this awhile ago but to download any sort of program for my TI calculators I use the TI GraphLink thing that comes with a little piece of software that connects the calculator to your computer. Websites such as www.ticalc.org host TONS of programs that are math related. The link im talking about will set you back about 15 bucks if I remember right but it was well worth it because there's so many games for TI calculators as well.

    http://education.ti.com/asiapacific/products/connectivity/connectivity.html [Broken]

    I found the GraphLink at most major electronics stores (Best Buy, Circuit City, outside chance of Radio Shack, etc)
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