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TI-84 and Complex Numbers

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    I am having some difficulty understanding what is going on with the TI-84 complex number calculation in switching between rectangular and polar coordinates, hopefully someone can clarify this for me. For example, take the term 6<30 (6 angle 30). When I calculate this by hand going from polar to rectangular I get 5.196 + 3i. However, if I try to switch 6<30 into rectangular coordinates with my TI-84 I get 0.926 + 5.93i. Can anyone explain to me what is happening?

    Thanks in advance!
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    You have the calculator set to radians instead of degrees.
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    The calculator is set to degrees, not radians. I've checked.
    However if I put the angle in as radians it does work.
    Maybe it only works with radians even though I'm in degree mode.
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    Ok, I figured it out thanks for the input.
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