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Calculators TI-84 Plus stats as function

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    I wasn't sure where to post this. I have a chemistry homework problem, which is not necessarily that hard, but it wants me to put values into my TI-84 Plus. I will not explain the problem too deeply, but it's about reaction time, volume, and concentration (mol/L).

    I am given a table of the volume of gas, at certain time intervals.

    t (s) V (cm^3)
    10 12
    20 22
    30 34
    ... ...

    And so on... It is a long table with 20 time intervals and 20 volume values.

    From volume, I have to calculate the concentration.

    Eventually, the concentration C can be calculated with:

    C = (8 - (12 / V))/10

    (I had to find this equation myself)

    I can easily plot C as a function of V. But the book wants me to plot C as a function of time (t) into my graphing calculator.

    I have already added all the t and V values into a table, using the STAT option. t in L1, and V into L2. I have entered C as a function of V, into the "Y=" menu, with C as Y1 and V as x. I could of course get C as a function of time, if I could write V as a function of time, and then substitute V for t. But there is no definitive function that describes the shape of the V/t curve.

    Then I tried to insert L2 for X, for the Y1 function, but that didn't work either.

    I know I can always manually look up all the values and make a function of time myself, but that would take forever. I can do this once, but problems like these come back in the future, I'd father find a quicker way.

    Is there a way to plot Concentration as a function of time, using the table that is given?

    Thank you in advance.
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