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Calculators Ti-85 whole screen is dark blue

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    Hopefully someone can help me with this problem. When I turn on my TI-85, the whole screen is dark blue (every pixel is dark blue). If I turn it at an angle, I can still see the curser; and performing functions on it still work (when looking at an angle). Has anyone ever had this problem with their TI85? If so, how do I fix it? Thanks.
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    Maybe the contrast is too high. On my TI-80, which I assume is more or less the same, you adjust it by continuously pressing the '2nd' button followed by the up or down arror key.
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    I've had this happen too. Like Delta said, it's the contrast. The one thing about my TI-85 is that if the contrast goes all the way to the max (like yours seems to have) I have to pull a battery to reset the calculator. Once I do that it is fine.
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    Thanks very much, it was the contrast.
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    I tried pressing the 2nd button and the down arrow but nothing changed. the dark blue box is still there.
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