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TI-86 Text Program

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    Just wondering if anyone out there knows of a program that I can add about a page of text to my ti-86 calculator. Basically I don't have time in the morning to read the news & I'd like to copy articles then read them on my calculator at work :tongue:. There is the program notefolio but it's only compatible with the ti-83/84 & ti-89 (doens't work with ti-86). So, any ideas how I could copy text & then read it on my calculator?
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    Use Ti-Connect to send a text file to your ti86. You can then use the program editor to read the file.
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    What should I make the text file with on my computer? Notepad, tried various file types with MS-word, but when I try & xfer them with TI-connect I get the error message "file type is not compatible with this device." Reading it with the program editor would be fine, but just having trouble with getting the text on to the calculator.
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    You have to use the program editor in Ti-connect
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    Just found this.

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