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Calculators Ti 89 and polynomials

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    okay, so i know how to factor( and the expand(

    but i have a question for dividing polynomials such as...

    9x^5-6x^3+x-63 / x-8

    how do i enter this into my calculatoor?! AHH its driving me INSANEEEEEEEEEe

    i get 9x^5-6x^3+x-63/x-8 but my teacher gets a different everytime for every problem similar to this...ahhh.

    what do i dooooooo
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    Enter it into your calculator as (9x^5-6x^3+x-63)/(x-8), but you could always just do the division yourself instead of on your calculator.
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    Personally I think it is easier and quicker to synthetically divide then to waste my time plugging it into a calculator.

    If you don't know what synthetic division is, you can read about it at the bottom of this page.

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    ranger: Use propFrac() located in the algebra menu.

    The TI-89 is often difficult (awkward) to use. The problem here is that 8 is not a root of the polynomial. Ranger hit the nail on the head. As for the Algebra menu, it's sort of hidden under the Math menu being the ninth function.
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    The problem is with the order of operations:

    9x^5-6x^3+x-63 / x-8

    gets treated as:

    9x^5-6x^3+x- (63/x) -8

    Presumably you meant (9x^5-6x^3+x-63)/(x-8); as d_leet suggested, enter it exactly in this form.
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