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Calculators Ti-89 dead

  1. Mar 15, 2008 #1

    I was, earlier today, deleting some unused flash applications from my Ti-89 Titanium that were wasting space. Namely the localization things like Cabri Deutsch and Francais and stuff.

    After setting it to delete a few files, my Ti-explorer on my computer stopped responding, and and so did the calculator.

    I thought it was just taking a while to perform the action so I left for a piano lesson, but after a three hours, nothing had changed. My computer still wouldn't respond and neither would my calculator. After that I pulled the USB plug out, and the calculator just went dead. Yea, I realize maybe that was a stupid move; however, I tried breaking and resetting the calculator and nothing worked; I couldn't shut down the computer either.

    I had a backup on my computer of the files I deleted in case they would cause problems once deleted, but I can't restore them because I can't turn the calculator on now, and thus can't connect it to my computer...

    I would appreciate if someone can help me with this.
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    same problem happened with my phone, its not the calculator its a a pc problem(well not a real problem)
    right click on My Computer>Properties>hardware(its a tab)>device manager
    while connected find your calculator and uninstall it
    disconnect the calculator and reconnect it again and their you go
    (just in case)
    my pc
    device manager
    "Calculator"right click uninstal

    hope it works for you -if it doesent well sorry thats all i know
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    hey i just realize you were talking about a ti 89t
    how is it
    because i want one butt i don't know which to choose since everybody is talking about the ti 89t and the hp 50g
    and i need mine for physics so which do you think would do it better and i also want to store notes in there so is it possible to transfer text into the ti 89, if its possible (and easy)then you've made up my mind.
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    Uh yea this is solved already, I called support and they told me how to reset everything the calculator. Then I just had to install the OS again and it worked. It has nothing to do with computer problems; the calculator just had some glitches deep down and needed a complete reset (not just the reset thing from hitting second + on + left + right).

    Ti89 has an inherent text creator, and you can transfer that to your pc. I'm not sure if you can transfer text files from your pc to the calculator and get it to open, though.

    HP50 has inherent RPN so I would get that. The Ti-89 has a program you can download to use RPN but meh, HP50 > that. The only reason I got the Ti-89 was because more people use Ti stuff, and thus, there are more programs for it.
  7. May 19, 2008 #6
    sorry it wasent help but gladit works
    one last thing this is on the specs of th calculators

    HP 50G
    Computer science

    AP Calculus
    AP Statistics
    AP Physics
    College Math
    Electrical Engineering
    Mechanical Engineering
    Differential Equations
    Linear Algebra

    what heck dont either of them do algebra
    and the ti 89t really cant do trig?
    because honestly trig?
    why no trig
  8. Jul 3, 2008 #7
    Ha ha ha, those are actually lists of things the manufacturer suggests it can be used for. I know the TI-89 can solve algebra problems and trig problems. I'm fairly confident that HP's can do the same. Neither, however, will be able to take AP Physics for you or do electrical engineering. Those tasks are reserved for humans as of current.
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