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TI 89 factoring problem

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    does anyone have a problem with the factoring function on the TI 89? i tried to factor (by using f2 factoring function)a simple problem like 12x^2+5xy-3y^2 the answer should be (4x+3y)(3x-y) but on my calculator i just get a rearranged order of 12x^2-3y^2+5xy......does anyone know how to fix this problem? i know its not a hard problem just i had to do factoring in my head.
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    Do you own the manual? Perhaps you can check that. If not you can easily find the manual online by searching google for it.

    On a side note, this type of question should not be posted in this forum. Post it here in the future as I am sure one of the mods will move it anyway...

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