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Calculators Ti-89 HELP

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    Ti-89 HELP!!!!!!!!

    I NEED HELP!! How do we divide polynomials with the ti-89 titanium?:confused: :confused:
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    If I recall, you can just divide them like you would any two numbers. Say you want to divide [tex](x-6)[/tex] into [tex]4x^4 + 20x^2 - 8[/tex], you should just be able to type in [tex]\frac{4x^4 + 20x^2 - 8}{x-6}[/tex] and get your answer.
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    Actually, that help you much if you want to divide your polynomials in the long division sense. You have to put your expression inside the expand() function which you can locate at '2nd 5' -> '9' -> '3' .
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