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Calculators TI 89 or TI nspire CAS CX

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    I'm going to university in a month to study Electrical Engineering.I already have an TI83 + , but i'm thinking of upgrading to a TI 89 or TI Nspire CAS CX because they both have CAS.
    Now from what I've read on the Internet the Nspire CAS seems better because of the higher resolution color display and more user friendly interface. However TI89 has been here for a long time and has more applications like EE-Pro, EE200 or ME-Pro. Seeing that i don't intend on programming myself will this be a letdown?
    Also the TI89 uses AAA batteries which I think is better because they're found easier than the TI Nspire rechargeable battery (especially since I live in Iran and the sanctions and ...you know the rest) .
    I was wondering if any of you have worked with EEpro or MEPro and do you find these to be a big enough advantage to go for the TI89?
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    Hey, I just bought the nspire CX CAS as well. I was deciding between the HP-50G, TI-89, and the nspire CX CAS. The HP-50G screen is horrible (with regards to resolution - my friend has one and it just kills my eyes) so that was a no, and the TI-89 doesn't have too many advantages over the nspire CX CAS. In my opinion, the nspire is more future-proof, and TI has been releasing pretty nice and functional OS updates for a while now. The rechargeable battery on the nspire worried me at first, but it's actually pretty awesome. The charge lasts a relatively long time, and it charges fairly quickly; it's also user-replaceable and a new one costs $9 on amazon right now (I'm in the U.S.). To me, it's a non-issue and is actually a positive characteristic of the calculator. As for the actual use of the calculator, it's pretty straight-forward and easy to use, though I still need to use it more to give my true verdict. I primarily use my TI-36X Pro scientific calculator for my classes right now.

    As for your concerns about EE and ME Pro, take a look at this site, as people are working on porting/improving it:

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    Thank you very much. I bought one last week and I'm really happy with it. As you said it seems "future-proof" and the battery is really good and i found out that they do sell the spare batteries here in Iran!
    This upgrade on the OS seems pretty useful too with capabilities like 'conics analysis' and 'inverse functions' and also 'parametric 3d graphing' are some really nice new features.
    I also checked out the website I hope they finish it soon!
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    What do you mean future proof?
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    I think they mean that it won't be outdated too soon. For example, most cell phones and computers are outdated within a year, so they are not future proof. However, calculators take much longer to become outdated and since the TI-NSpire CX CAS is the top of the line right now, it is the most "future proof" :)
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    That is exactly what I meant.
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