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TI 89 Programming r(θ)

  1. Mar 2, 2012 #1
    Hi, I'm trying to fine-tune a function I wrote for the TI 89 Titanium. Basically, for part of my function, I need it to plug in θ (an inputted variable/argument) into an expression r(θ) - also a an inputted variable/argument - and yield a numerical result.

    In other words, the input format is function(expression,θ). If I were to type in function(cos(θ), π/3), I want it to return 1/2.

    The problem I'm encountering is that I can't make it treat a variable as an expression. I tried simply writing r(θ), hoping that it would yield the result that occurs when the number θ is put into the expression r, but then it interprets it as r*θ.

    So, how can I make it plug θ into the expression?
    Any help would be appreciated.
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