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Calculators Ti-89 ROM Image

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    Hey there,

    They used to have the image available at the Ti website, but have since done something with it due to piracy issues. It is legal to dowload if you own the Ti89 which I do, do I am trying to locate it.

    A friend told me that it was on the Ti site under something else now. they have name it something else that is. And you have to download it and rename it to get it to work with an emulator.

    I have since lost contact with this person; does anyone know what he was talking about?

    I am desperately trying to use my computer as an environment to write code for my calculator.


    Ok. So I figured out that you just download the operating system which is named : "TI89Titanium_OS.89u"

    But now i cannot figure out what to do with that?
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    Are you looking for this?
    http://education.ti.com/educationportal/sites/US/productDetail/us_ti_connect.html" [Broken]
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    Hi Borg! No, I am not. I am trying to use an emulator to make it so I can use my Ti89 Titanium on my Windows machine. This will allow me to write code in a 'nicer' environment and then download it to my actual calculator.

    the problem is that to use the VTI emulator, you need the Ti89 operating system saved to the PCs hard drive as a *.rom file. But Ti has changed the OS format to *.89u

    As a result, VTI won't recognize this when you "browse for an image (*.rom"). I tried just renaming the OS as *.rom but that did not work.

    I found a thread online that said you could 'modify' the VTI filter so that it does recognize *.89u while browsing, but I have know idea how to do this.
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    Hi Saladsamurai! See if this link helps http://www.grahamkendall.net/HP48-49/D-59.txt" [Broken]. According to that page, it looks like you just need to tell your emulator about the new file type and it will work.

    BTW, if you are using Windows, I know a few registry tricks that might help you to permanently add it if the info above works.
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