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Calculators Ti-89 Titanium at bestbuy for 119.99

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    So did I!!! and it was on sale at target!!!! $140!!!!! :cry:
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    pfff.....I could have sold you a near brand new one for less than 100 bucks....

    Wait about a week after classes start and then check the bulletin boards around campus....always someone who drops their class and wants to sell their stuff....
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    not in 8th grade :|
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    Where there is a will there is a way....

    I NEVER pay retail for anything....heck, even those prices at ebay are a rip...

    Listen to me yomamma....there is always a way to save more money. Never pay what someone is asking! Learn to hord your cash now...save, invest, make money.

    You don't have to rich to be happy but having money does make life easier.... :smile:
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    I've never bought a calculator in my life. Somebody always leaves one behind at some point and I'm there to claim it. Generally, I'll eventually leave it behind as well, continuing the great circle of life. Same thing goes with pens, and sometimes notebooks.

    By the way, from the title of the thread, I thought that Best Buy was selling a certain isotope of titanium. What a dope.
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    I still got my Ti-83. It just makes no sense for me to buy a new calculator.
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