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Calculators Ti-89 Titanium Fraction Help

  1. Jun 16, 2007 #1
    Does anyone know how to enter a mixed or compound fraction in to the Ti-89 Titanium? (eg. 66½)
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    You mean like this: 66+1/2 ?
  4. Jun 16, 2007 #3
    No, I mean 66 "and" One Half. A Mixed Fraction.
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    Whats the difference between 66+(1/2) and 66½ ?
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    I read 66+(1/2) as an addition problem. Not as a mixed fraction. I just need to know how to enter a mixed fraction in to this calculator.
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    What are the numerical answers of 66+(1/2) and 66½ ?
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    So I guess I'm understanding that I have to enter a mixed fraction as an "addition" problem instead of being able to enter it as actual mixed fraction like the other "lower" scientific calculators do? Goooodness....
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    There's no difference, as ranger showed. That's how you enter mixed numbers in a calculator.
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    Yeah, that's how you do it.
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    I have no idea how other "lower" calculators do this, or that they do it any differently.

    - Warren
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