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  1. Does anyone know how to enter a mixed or compound fraction in to the Ti-89 Titanium? (eg. 66½)
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  3. You mean like this: 66+1/2 ?
  4. No, I mean 66 "and" One Half. A Mixed Fraction.
  5. ranger

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    Whats the difference between 66+(1/2) and 66½ ?
  6. I read 66+(1/2) as an addition problem. Not as a mixed fraction. I just need to know how to enter a mixed fraction in to this calculator.
  7. ranger

    ranger 1,663
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    What are the numerical answers of 66+(1/2) and 66½ ?
  8. So I guess I'm understanding that I have to enter a mixed fraction as an "addition" problem instead of being able to enter it as actual mixed fraction like the other "lower" scientific calculators do? Goooodness....
  9. There's no difference, as ranger showed. That's how you enter mixed numbers in a calculator.
  10. Yeah, that's how you do it.
  11. chroot

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    I have no idea how other "lower" calculators do this, or that they do it any differently.

    - Warren
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