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Calculators Ti-89 titanium help

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    ti-89 titanium urgent help

    I have been using the ti-89 over over a year now and have never come across this problem. I went to the numeric solver category in the APPS menu and put in a numeric value. When I went back and put in an expression to be factored ex. (x^2-36). It gave me the answer -1*2*5, when the answer is (x-6)(x+6). I went back and deleted the numeric value but it still counts whenever I put in an expression to be factored. PLEASE HELP ME WITH THIS PROBLEM
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    Re: ti-89 titanium urgent help

    I would, but this isn't a computer science issue - at least not necessarily. A specific software problem might be better suited for a room designated for those topics, such as this rooms sub-rooms. I honestly wouldn't know why your calculator isn't doing what it's supposed to be doing, but if I had the same problem, I wouldn't expect any of my computer science professors - nor anyone in my classes - because your issue doesn't pertain to computer science.

    Perhaps you could call Texas Instruments for help? Try looking in your instruction manual for help on this matter, and if you can't find a solution then locate the help hotline or technical support line for Texas Instruments.
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