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Calculators TI83+ on sale

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    at future shop the TI83+ just went on sale for $97 CND. I think i am going to get it. This year I am in grade 12 and am taking algebra/geometry and data management which i believe is the equvialent of finite. Will this calc. be adequate for those cources? or should I bump up to the 86 or 89? I am planning on taking university maths and physics. the calulator can be found here
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    Well, if you plan on taking physics or possibly engineering courses, I'd like to suggest the Hewlett-Packard HP49G+. The 49G+ offers expandable memory whereas none of the TI's do, including the Voyage 200 and 89. The 49G+ features a full computer algebra system, even more complete than the 89 and Voyage 200 in most cases. The 49G+ by default has more advanced math functions than the 89 does. You could download them for the 89 from a third-party site, but why bother when you can buy a calculator with them already on it. The 49G+'s price is very comparable to that of an 89, roughly $135-$150 (USD). The 49G+ offers RPN mode (faster data entry), and an algebraic entry (which, I don't prefer) that uses parenthesis. If you don't like RPN, then switch to Algebraic. Like I said, you can't go wrong.

    However, if you don't plan on taking mathematics or physics classes that aren't "upper division," the HP is useless as will be the 89. In that case, go ahead and buy the 83+.
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    well I would like to buy one of the higher end models but I don't think I can afford it now. I was looking at the HP 33S though, what do you think of that? It isn't a graphing calc though, which i would like. what do you mean by upper division?
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    the ti 83+ is more than enough. I got mine at the same time you did, but laste year (beginning of grade 12) and I took algebra/geometry and calculus. It really helpes for calc and it heles with its fast solving for vector and plane problems in algebra. It will do fine, you dont need anything better, and +, most univesities dont let you use a calc for exams or tests.
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    Like I said, the 49G+ is what you want.

    By upper division, I mean a Calculus sequence, DE, and other physics or engineering classes.

    The 33S, like you said, is a scientfic calculator (a good one, though), but you prefer a graphing calculator and are low on cash. If that's true consider the HPGII, which is basically the 49G+ without the slot for expandibility.
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    The Ti-89 is too complicated and hard to use. (The screen has very small lettering too.) The TI-86 is a good, all-around calculator, but the Ti-83 is O.K.
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    speaking of ti-83+s, the pixels on my screen are disappearing i don't know why, for example some weeks ago, this line in the middle of the screen had no pixels and then this week another line just went blank, you don't see anything in those two lines..

    it is really not annoying me or anything, but any help would be appreciated..
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