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Calculators Ti84 silver edition help

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    Ti84 silver edition help!!!

    when i go to add apps to my calc I open Ticonnect and I go to Ti DeviceExplorer while my calc is hooked up to the black cable it came with. a select device window apears, it says COM1 and COM3 it searches, then both come up <not found> what should I do?
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    I believe you need to get the gray data cable, there is a difference in the grey and the black *can't remember what* but I know they handle data differently. Let me research this a bit and I will get back to you.
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    so it comes with a cable that doesn't work?! WTF
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    I have a Ti-83 silver edition, and it uses the grey cable.

    Is this USB or Serial Port?
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    its a usb one
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    I didn't find much on the research, but I am pretty sure you do need to the gray USB cable instead of the black. I think when I bought mine I had to buy my cable separately but that was awhile ago. I would think that the black would work with your calculator since it came with it, but from the amount of time I have worked with the TI Calcs and connecting them with computers, I know there is a difference between the Gray and Black cable, and my Ti-83 Silver Edition Plus requires the Gray.

    What I would honestly do would be to call their support line and see what they say before you go spend the money on a Gray cable.

    Sorry couldn't be much more help,
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    I had a TI-84. I got all of my apps from my friends and never bothered dl ing the software for use on comp. Too bad someone stole my TI two days ago.:grumpy:

    This is a link to a site with all the TI games that exist. I think.
    http://www.calcgames.org/cgi-bin/files/files.cgi?action=list [Broken]
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    This thread seems to be the top for my google search, perhaps someone can help me.

    I'm having problems with my ti-84+ s.e. too. I have the latest version of Ti-connect installed and I'm using my old Silver USB cable. As far as I can tell I've got everything plugged in right, I started up Ti-connect, but its not finding my calculator. Suggestions would be appreciated.
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    I'm having the same problem as well with a TI-83 plus and USB Silverlink cable that I just bought. The support documentation at TI says that if you plug in the calculator and cable first before installing the software you need to manually uninstall the USB driver and reinstall it after loading TI Connect.

    This isn't my problem and my drivers are fine, so any additional ideas would be greatly appreciated.
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