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Tic-Tac-Toe and time

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    We've all played tic tac toe before, and I'm assuming that some of the members here have played "3d" tic tac toe, where you play on a cube instead of a square. (the game is much more complicated)

    Well, I was thinking about what the game would be like if it were in higher dimensions, and how blocks become more and more obsolete etc... when my thoughts shifted to space-time and back. This ended in me thinking "what if there were 2 times instead of 2 space D in the game"

    I started wondering how the game would be played. Obviously causality would be very different, would time A precede time B? Would they hit together and jsut not work at all? If you did something 1 second into time A, and you were only .5 seconds into time B, could you do the opposite there??

    I ended up thinking the game would play like this:
    You have a one dimensional board with 3 slots (instead of a 3x3 grid)
    You go, then your partner goes, until the row is filled.
    -each turn represents one second in time A
    Then, second 2 happens in time B (A is reset to 1)
    -The row is emptied and you 'start over' (in time A)
    Repeat until 3 seconds have passed in both A and B
    -Create a 3x3 grid using times A and B.

    Count how many tic-tac-toes each player has and the one with the most wins. If there's a tie... umm some sort of "I won first in time B so :P" rule?

    The game seems simple, but consider playing it with a 3x3 or 3x3x3 grid.
    I think it would all come down to memory.

    Anyways, this really didn't accumulate to anything, did it? Just my idea of how 2d time would work. You have to finish a line before you start your grid.
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    Hmm... I don't know much about time dimensions. Perhaps an extra time dimension would produce an infinite amount of other time continums instead of just the one we are on. Like a plane has an infinite amount of lines going though it. But I'm just guessing.
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    But isn't that more of a space dimension? (an infinite amount of x on y)
    I always though the main difference between time and space is that no matter what we do, we endup travelling through time. In space no matter what we do, we never move (everybody else does!).
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