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Ticker tape

  1. Oct 13, 2014 #1
    I used a ticker to measure to measure the acceleration of falling object. And and now I am writing report about it and the problem is what symbol is used for the marks on the ticker tape? Like for grams (g). What would you use for marks(?) ?
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    It's not clear how you can measure the acceleration of an object just by making some marks on a ticker tape. What are the marks used to indicate?
    Please describe more fully what you did.
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    well, i got a car with constant velocity and let it run for three seconds with ticker tape attached to it. Then i got a 1 gram mass and throw it from 2 meters , 1.75m, 1.5m,1.25m,1 m with ticker tape attached to it. Then i took the frequency of the constant velocity car and found the acceleration of the mass. But my question is what symbol would you use for the marks on the ticker tape when you are processing the data.
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    You haven't explained how the marks got on the tape. Were they on the tape when it was supplied? Did you have a machine put the marks on the tape as the car pulled it through the machine? If so did it put them on at regular time or regular distance intervals? It makes a difference to what symbol might be appropriate.
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    dont u think that there wouldn't be any need of using velocity, displacement and time and then calculate acceleration if there was any possible means of calculating acceleration just like that... please read the basic things about a physical quantity..."
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    In a lab notebook, it is appropriate to record measurements in terms of "number of marks". It is always proper to record measurements in original form. When analyzing the data it is usually important to be able to convert from "number of marks" to elapsed time or some such. The conversion from raw reading to a numeric measure (and error bar) reported in standard units will depend on details of the measuring device and its calibration. We have not been given those details.
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