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Tidal Acceleration

  1. Jun 8, 2015 #1
    What is TIDAL ACCELERATION or TIDAL DECELERAION? Also, could some one please explain me it's forumlae?
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    Simon Bridge

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    Thank you for the link Mr. Simon. That was the first link which I visited when I started searching on the above topic. The reason why I posted this question here is that I found the wiki content too complex and if someone could explain it to me in a simpler way, that would be great.
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    In short..

    The moon causes tidal bulges.
    Friction between the ocean and the land causes the earth to push the tidal bulge ahead of the moon.
    Gravitational force between the tidal bulge and the moon causes the moon to speed up and the earth to slow down.

    It's a bit like swinging a ball around on a string. Your arm has to lead the ball. The tension in the string speeds up the ball and at the same time tries to slow down your arm.
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    Perfect! Got it! Thanks a lot @CWatters
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