Tidal effect on the planet

  1. Are all the planets moving away from the Sun?
    If so, how much?
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    It's just not that simple. There are a lot of factors that influence a planet's orbit, including perturbation from other planets and the fact that the Sun is slowing losing mass.

    Here's two tables showing the orbital elements and their rate of change for two time intervals: 1800 AD - 2050 AD and 3000 BC - 3000 AD The first column gives the average radius of the orbit and its rate of change. Note that some planets move out and some move in, and that can differ over the two time intervals.


  4. Thank you...
    Do we know if all the planets (in our solar system) are affected by a tidal effects, so that the planets too, (seen from a overall perspective), also are moving away from the Sun, - so like our the Moon is moving away from the Earth, - due to tidal effect ?
  5. tides comes and go, are they waves and therefor submitted to the laws of waves? if there where no gravity, then there would be no tides!
    to Janus the sun is slowly loosing mass,but could it be to some exstend be compensated by the general(missing energy)?
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