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Tightening torque

  1. Sep 17, 2008 #1
    Dear all

    I need to calculate the tightening torque for the metal thread insert in the plastic base material.
    Is there any empherical relation avail?
    M6 metal thread insert /10mm length in the plastic material.I asked to recommend the thread tightening torque..

    I found relation refering one book (3.14*d^2)/2 *len*Shear stress of the plastic matl.
    Shear stress recommendation 0.5 x Tensile strength(115n/mm^2-actual value got from testing) given in the same ref.book
    I found that it is near to steel shear sress..i hope data given is wrong...
    I think this torque is the maximum at which failure?

    So i have to recommend less than this torque.

    Result of the tightening torque found high...

    I need suggestions & materials...

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