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Homework Help: Tightly wound solenoid

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    I can't seem to figure out how to solve this problem. If you are given the solenoid length and diameter. And told it consists of a single layer of tightly wound wire with the diameter of the wire given, the change in current thru the wire given, and the change in time given how would you find the inductance? It seems to me I need N. Can anyone help?
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    "length" --- "tightly wound" --- "diameter of wire" --- "need N" --- hmmmmmmmmm.
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    Tom Mattson

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    I think there is a missing piece of information. You could get the inductance from EL=-L(di/dt), but you don't have the voltage drop across the inductor. Likewise, you could get it from the formula for the inductance of a solenoid, but as you say you don't have "N".

    Take a closer look at the problem, and see if you aren't overlooking some given info.
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    Try to find N from the length of solenoid and diameter of wire.
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    Thanks guys..I used the length of solenoid and the diameter of the wire to find N. Don't know why I couldn't seem to think of that myself.
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