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Time and consciousness

  1. Nov 1, 2004 #1
    Do we experience the passage of time or the advance of consciousness -
    are we passively experiencing the universe or actively creating it?
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    I'm not the brightest there is but isn't the passage of time and the advance of consciousness basically really the same thing? What would be passing through the consciousness but external nature as we perceive it? Second question I think it's a little of both. I can stop at the stop sign or fly through it and cause an accident. Either way. I don't think you can be passive and active at once though, it is always either or. Either the event took place and did happen, actively or passively, or it didn't happen at all.
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    How about we are passively being created by the universe and in time? :smile:
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    second question first.

    the entire universe exists, we create our experience by focusing our consciousness onto a moment of time.

    as we focus, refocus, we create the appearance of time. IMHO.

    olde drunk
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    You asked some very good questions. I believe that time is an illusion created by the introduction of measurement and the fragmentation of consciousness caused by the ego. As to whether there is an "inner world and outer world" I don't know for sure but it is my guess that the universe is composed entirely of mind.
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