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Time and length dilation

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    I understand the general theory of special relativity. But at what points do length and time dilation occur?

    Independently of each other according to other events, or as relationsionship where one variable is related to another.

    Is there a theoretical physicl situation where each would occur separately?
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    No you can't have Lorentz contarction without time dialtion or vice versa, otherwise spacetime wouldn't be Lorentz invariant (in which case we wouldn't even bother with spacetime). They are dependnet on the relative velocties of the object we are viewing.
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    My knowledge doesn't stretch as far as "lorentz".

    Anyone know what this is?
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    If something is Lorentz invariant it measns that it stays the same under a Lorentz transformation. Lorentz contarction is just anothe rname for Length contraction. Lorentz himself was the man who first came up with the ideas of length contraction and time dialtion.
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