Time and motion

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Can we split time from motion? I would think not, Space as we measure it is still expanding at a rate that is faster than light; if this is correct then we need to at least have some understanding as to why and I would think that time in the sense of it being a potential for movement, is expanding ahead of all motion we measure as space. Would this be a fair statement?

Can we call our visible universe a single duration of time? I would think not, unless we take into account the part of time that motion has not yet filled.

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Would the concept of time being potential movement, remembering that motion already fills part of that potential, fit on the universal scale? Can, this concept be used to explain why the universe could be expanding faster than light? Could dark energy be the potential, both larger and smaller, between that of motion with its speed limit of light, and time's expanding "potential for motion” because relative motion has not reached it yet?

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