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Time and space as particle

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    I ask here my writable science fiction book question and I do not copy my physics question here, what you can find:
    My questions are: If space and time are special particles like fermion-bosons or time is boson and space is fermion, what kind a stuff we can made? Ex. can we build the some kind of time travel machine or some time bomb or time gate to x world. What will change if time and space are particles?
    Can we say then time eis speed itslf and being in time is just acceleration?
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    We can't answer your question because spacetime is not a particle. It is simply the dimensions by which we measure things and assign them positions relative to other things. Attempting to say "what if they were particles" is a completely bogus question. It's like asking what if a proton was one second instead of a particle. It cannot be answered because it is nonsense.
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    As the person above is correct. Space time is more like a paper you are drawing on then the things you draw on it.

    But in quantum theory, before string theory. Gravity (curve in space time) is given the name of a particle called the graviton. It is more like a quanta than real matter(and it's never proven).

    A graviton is like a photon. They are both massless(unlike electron, quark etc). They are actually just small burst of energy( vibration of hyperspace). They also have probability waves as predicted by the theory (proven by the double slit experi.)

    In a way, gravity and light are matter since e=mc^2(energy=matter)

    Several intriguing property of graviton you can use.
    Graviton describes gravity, which is set in the 4th dimension.
    It means that unlike other particles, gravitons can escape from our 3d world and go to n-dimensions.

    This is the result in a attempt to explain why gravity is such a weak force.

    They are still trying to smash gravitons out in atom smashers.
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