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Time and Tempature question

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    I was wondering if anyone could answer a question I had for some time.
    I was thinking about the similarities between time and movement when I have established a some what of a definition to time: the advancement of the overall reactions in a system. I have pondered since then, if my definition is accurate, is there a difference between the "speed" of time between two systems with different temperatures? If anyone has a clew please inform me this question has been on my mind for a long time

    Thank you
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    What about an electron in an orbital around a proton? This system can be at zero temperature. An ensemble of such systems "looks" very different at non-zero temperature, where there is a different probability of finding an atom in a each energy state.

    In other words, the temperature of the ensemble (but not of a single atom) is well defined. However, there is no sense in which the hotter ensemble moves "faster" than the colder one. They are very different.
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