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Time and time again

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    [SOLVED] time and time again

    IN the interests of discussion, the following is not a theory but an observation guided by selected principles espoused by others over time.

    If one thinks of gravity as space that shrinks towards it's centre then one can see that relativistic speeds increase as one gets closer to this centre (hence attraction). One cubic metre of space near our moon is larger than one cubic metre of space on the planets surface. So therefore to travel one metre in volumetric space on the moon is relativistically slower than that on earth.( a sense of wieghtlessness in like a sense of slow time)

    I feel that to differentiate between forces is our main problem and I also believe that time is only an outcome not a force. Because time can only be percieved and felt by a perceptive being as an event of happening using comparative methods, rather than an event of causality.

    An interesting observation of logic is that the space inside our theoretical atom is greater than what is outside it. As gravity?space compresses the space involved becomes greater so an object of mass contains an enourmous amout of space/gravity and could be regarded as an energistic potential.

    Have fun
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    I too think that time is an effect, not a cause. I think it is caused by any particle's interations with the virtual particle flux that is everywhere.
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