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Time compression - high rate

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    Could you help me, please, in a hypothetical situation that involve advanced physics knowledge? I am going to write a science fiction novel, and in order to avoid major scientific mistake, I would need your help.

    Is it possible, according existing physics theories, to find in cosmos an environment where the time is significant compressed - the referential point is the Earth. My scenario is based on a high compression rate - 1 day on earth equal with 14 days in the hypothetical environment. Could be possible to find a planet with such a low density and a slow velocity to make this possible?!

    Thank you in advanced!
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    No. Even if you were floating in deep space, away from any source of gravity, the time rate difference between you and the Earth wouldn't even come close to that.
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    The Earth would have to be travelling close to the speed of light relative to the hypothetical environment.
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    Are you asking for a place with much less time dilation relative to Earth? I don't think so, at least off the top of my head. I'm not familiar enough with Relativity to say anything for sure, but I really don't think so.
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    The problem is that velocity is relative, so from the Earth, the hypothetical environment would be what was moving close to the speed of light. So there is no definitive manner to say who's time is running slower.
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    That's true...nothing makes sense is the conclusion. Because if both planet A and B are travelling the speed of light relative to each other, then how does time dilation work?
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    They did it on Stargate ??
    where Colonel Jack O'Neill ventured through the "field" into the cave and his time sped up by 3000% or so. Daniel sent in his camera on a stick to take a video and when they pulled it out the batteries were dead. And oh yes those clothingless aliens put the replicators in a time freeze with a type of time bomb.
    So you mean that show is all just fantasy??
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    Maybe in the future many things that we thought are impossible will happen. There are many unknown phenomena in Universe and, playing with their supposed property, I thought it could be found a hypothetical time compression theory (in contact movie works)

    The human brain is capable to compress time, we dream only few minutes but the dream expands during hours or even days. Maybe I wanted to push too hard the limit of the physics, but I am looking for a crazy idea to give a realistic approach to this time dilation.

    Thank you so much for your answer!
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    Why don't you tell us a little more about the story. Maybe the premise, or some portion(s) of it, can be approached in a different manner. Our universe, and our place in time and physical location within this universe, may that of what was an incalculable number of possibilities.

    The result of testing one hypothesis may be disappointing, but it may be only one step on the path to, and through, a myriad of other ideas, conclusions and possibilities. When you read a fictional book, that touches on interesting elements of our understanding of the physical universe and its many possibilities, you rarely know much more than the end result. You have no idea what interesting concepts were discarded, how many theories were exhausted nor how much frustration the author endured.

    The waste baskets, both physical and mental, of Einstein, Tesla, many science fiction writers and numerous other other geniuses and theoreticians are probably awe inspiring.

    Don't dream of writing one great story: Dream of writing a million. No idea is too small nor too great. Write them down in journals. Euclid, Archimedes and Newton built upon preexisting foundations. They were modest people that basically acknowledged that some inventions/concepts, like the the wheel, were magnificent but wasted no time moving on from there.

    I challenge you not to gamble with possibility.

    EDIT: Communication and travel , if any, would need to factor in.
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    The beauty of fiction is that you can do anything you want to and don't have to worry about the details behind it too much. There is currently no known way to speed up time somewhere. But that doesn't mean that there 100% isn't one and will never be one. No one can see the future.
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    The Novel Dragon's egg might give you some inspiration for this. In it a neutron star passes nearby the solar system. Taking advantage of this unique opportunity a manned mission is sent to go and do some nifty science, when they get their they discover that an ecology based on neutron star matter has evolved however due to the nature of the speed of nuclear matter reactions compared to normal matter the ecology progresses 1 million times faster.
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    A little detail from my novel: this hypothetical environment it's a vacation/relaxing destination. Even the human knows that are aging fast in there, they take this dangerous chance to have a longer vacation. It's an irony that I will treat in detail in the final of the novel.

    I came on this forum because, even it's a sf supposition, I have to build this place giving some details about unknown/interesting phenomena that could happened in this hypothetical environment.

    I really appreciate all your kind support. Thank you!
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