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Time dialation on self spinig atoms?

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    would time dilation occur if for example, i was making a hydrogen atom spin with the center of spin the atom? would time dialation occur? because it didn't really traveled distance....
    or, if so spin a muon, would it decay faster if i was to spin it in an incredible amount of speed?
    but then if it does, how about the center of the muon, it has not moved

    above all, can you even spin a particle, i know there are spins on atoms, but i mean, but you counter spin the funtimental particle's spin, would that cancel it out? (no, i mean because it's not spinning in a dimension!)
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    If you find a way to do that, publish it, that would violate quantum mechanics.
    You can excite the atom to give the electron some spin, but that is not a rotation of the atom, so no time dilation involved.
    You cannot change the spin of a muon (well, just its direction). A muon does not have a finite size (at least no known size), something like "the center of a muon" is not a meaningful concept.
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