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Time Dilation a Constant? Space Contraction connection with Dark Energy?

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    Ok so I'm sitting at 0040 in the AM pondering this...is Time Dilation a constant. For example. It only takes an Object with mass 7.4 months to travel to the nearest star outside our solar system at a speed of .99c However it takes light 4.3 years to reach Earth from that star due to space contracting (Lorentz Contraction.) This event could be do to the trigonometric effect (ex...rotated cuboid.) BUT what if it is caused by something else. Could dark energy be a cause of space contraction? What if Dark energy is the reason an object traveling at .99c can cover more distance then then the speed of light in a year.

    Ok bear with me on this part...trying to express it the best way I can.

    If you lay out space and time on plane that is flexable. Pt A and Pt B are pts on the place then bend the plane in a circle and suddenly you have gone for Pt A to Pt B in an instant.
    What if Dark Energy which does not interact to any known fundamental force other then gravity can cause these connections or "jumps" forward. Keep in mind that dark energy may be the causing our universe to accelerate.

    Another question. What if you have PtA-------------Black Hole-----------PtB
    on a plane and you bend the plane so that the ends connect. Could PtA travel instantly to Pt B skipping the BH altogether?

    Now forget about my crazy idea for a second. Now using lorentz contraction
    we have an object traveling 4.3Light years to nearest star outside our solar system in only 7.4 months at .99c half way there our object encounters a BH. What effect will the BH have on an object that is traveling close to the speed of light but is covering more then 6times the distance light can travel in 1 year due to space contraction? Is it possible that our object could skip over the BH?
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